Jane’s Walk - Creating a New Park: The West Scarborough Rail Trail

On Saturday May 6, 2023, ninety-four hikers met at Warden Hilltop Community Centre to hike on the proposed West Scarborough Rail Trail.

First proposed over 50 years ago by a group of University of Toronto students and despite numerous initiatives by city staff and politicians, the trail remains undeveloped.

This park will create greenspaces, natural parkland, recreational areas and most importantly community connections sorely need in a community facing over 26,000 units and 50,000 new residents in the next several years.

The event kicked off with an invitation from organizer Sam Wong, for participants to share their ideas and vision for the trail on our Rail Trail Mural, sign petitions and register for our newsletter.

Albert Koehl who wrote the Spacing article about the path and the University of Toronto students who first proposed it 50 years ago, then spoke and shared his thoughts on the trail.

Jonathon Schmidt shared some historical information about the Sisters of St. Joseph and the House of Providence Farm that was located in the area.

Misha Perozak updated hikers on the most recent initiatives and advocacy regarding the Rail Trail.

Then hikers embarked on one of 4 hikes of different lengths catering to all levels of hiker: 1km, 3km, 5km and 9km.

Great discussions took place during the hike regarding what it takes to create a new park, community connections and area history.

Heading north from the CN Rail Bridge

The Scarborough Greenspace Hydro Corridor

Walking on the protective railway berms.

Great discussions while we wait for everyone to catch up.

Crosswalk at Birchmount and St. Clair

Heading towards Kennedy Road

Discussing the nearby Pioneer Cemetary circa 1800's.

9km hiking group reaches their destination at the Mossgate Pedestrian Bridge.

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