Sunday, 15 October 2017


Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make our Tree For Me Event a huge success. Their enthusiastic, friendly, generous support contributed in making this event run smoothly and professionally. We distributed 130 trees to our neighbourhood and provided lots of family fun without a hitch. 

Big shout out to everyone that helped! 

The Design Team: VJ McEwen
The Delivery Team: Joanne, Maria, Denise, Tony.

The Registration Team: Thanuja, Susan. 

The Art and Adventure Play Team: Jessica, Echo, Ricky, Nina, Karly, Andrew. 


The Tree Distribution Team: Maria, Munza, Sean. 

The Workshop Leader: Jess.

Thanks to David Dominguez for lending us the tent!

The Clean Up Crew: Kevin, his dump truck and the whole team. 

The Entertainment: Barry O'Neil

Special thanks to Principal Nicole from St. Joahchim's and Principal Troy from Danforth Gardens PS for helping promote the event. Extra special kudos to Principal Troy for arranging access to the grounds and gym at Danforth Gardens PS.

Thanks to MP Bill Blair and Sarwar Choudhury and Councillor Michelle Holland for organizational and promotional support.  

Super special thanks to Jessica Whitmore and Susan Jane Spencer Lever and their family and their truck in helping set up. 

Margo from Tree For Me was amazing to work with and we appreciate the support from the Toronto Parks and Tree Foundation and the City of Toronto for providing the trees and grant money. 

And of course we thank the Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre for being our charitable sponsor. 

It was a pleasure for me, Misha Perozak and Jessica Whitmore to work with such a great team.

Danforth Gardens "TREE FOR ME" Event

We distributed 130 trees during our Tree For Me project atDanforth Gardens PS​ today and had a lot of fun doing it. We met lots of neighbours, learned to plant trees and had fun doing art, adventure play and participating in the Barry O'Neil Barry O Kids Show. Check out some of the fun we had in the pics below:
Barry O Kids Show


The Trees

Tree Planting Training

Unloading The Trees

Adventure Free Play

The Big Nature Art Project

Full Parking Lot

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Great job at the Warden Woods Tree planting on October 14, 2017. Volunteers from Danforth Gardens Neighbourhood Association and the public planted 200 trees and bushes in the ravine at Warden Woods Park at Warden and St. Clair. Thanks to Julia and her team from Toronto Parks and Forestry for organizing the event. Stay tuned for another planting this spring.