Volunteer to Improve Community Gardens 🌿

This season the DGNA will transform the Pollinator Pedestrian Access Garden Pilkington to Santamonica into an environmentally-friendly garden that will host butterflies, native flowers and shrubs, and beautify our neighbourhood. The project will start in May 2022, and be completed by 2023. 

We need your help, knowledge, and positive vibes to make this project a reality!
Below are two ways to get involved on:

Saturday, May 28, 10:00 am - 12:00pm noon
Bring your family, friends, and gardening knowledge to help weed the Pollinator Pathway from weeds, invasive species, and debris. Learn about the plans to create a pollinator habitat in the pathway. The more the merrier! All ages and abilities are welcome!
Please bring gardening tools to help with tasks, including clippers, saws of various sizes, shovels, etc.
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Saturday, June 11, 10:00 am - 12:00pm noon
Chip In! (Literally Spreading Wood Chips). 
Help neighbours spread mulch (wood chips) and lay cardboard over the grass in a really cool and easy garden bed preparation called "lasagna gardening". This method kills unwanted weeds and grass, is eco-friendly, avoids the use of pesticides or chemicals, and keeps nutrients in the soil. Lasagna gardening will prepare the soil for planting native perennials plants. It's easy! Please bring shovels, rakes, & wheelbarrows.
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For both events at the pathway that connects Santamonica Blvd to Pilkington Dr.
For more information email info@danforthgardens.ca

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